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Sensational Succulents – Gardening in Small Spaces Container Garden Recipe

It has been a long time since I have gotten my hands dirty so creating this container after a blizzard in New Jersey, inside of course was a lot of fun.  I love succulents but I have to admit that I have been rather intimidated by them.  They need special soil, they are easy to over water and I am just not sure how to combine them to make a great container.  I changed my mind when I stumbled across a Rihpsalis prismatica in Home Depot.  This was a beautiful trailing succulent and it was one that I could not leave in the store.  So what would I pair it with I thought to myself.  It would most certainly have to be another succulent as pairing plants with similar light and water requirements is one of the most important rules of container gardening.  Then I noticed a huge Aloe vera plant and it reminded me of those bromeliads that I like so much.  The Aloe Vera would turn out to be multifunctional as I been meaning to start growing this as I use it a homemade hair product.  Aloe Vera is sold in many forms and is best known for its ability to soothe irritated skin and burns.  This would surely make a great attraction piece of “thriller” and then I can have the rihpsalis trail over the front of the container.  I purchased a new container and bought some decorative rocks to cover the exposed soil.  Well the result was the following creation. 

Sensational Succulents Recipe
Thriller: Aloe Vera 1 Plant
Spiller: Rhipsalis prismatica 1 Plant
Container Size and Type: 12″ Plastic Purple Container (Had to Drill Holes)
Soil Type: Scotts® Miracle Gro® Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix
Light: Low Light 

Plants Purchased: Home Depot (February 2009)
Container Purchased: Home Depot (January 2009)
Decorative Rocks Purchased: Home Depot (January 2009)
Soil Purchased: Home Depot (January 2009)

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