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Container Gardening with Kids

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I spent my special day with my two lovely daughters, six and 20 months.  My six year old helped plan a barbecue lunch celebration for me and picked out the cutest card.  The celebration was wonderful, the weather was perfect and I was reminded of how blessed I am to have these two little girls in my life.

This mother’s day did mark a bit of a milestone in my six year old’s life.  It was her first time participating in a mother’s day plant sale at school.  I can remember these fondly.  I more often than not I would choose Marigolds for my mother.  I remember getting them for around $.50 cents a piece.  I would choose a few different colors for her.  My daughters excitement had been building for tow weeks prior to the sale and she just couldn’t wait to choose the perfect Mother’s Day plant for me.  So on Friday armed with a check for $12 made out to cash she set out her mission.  So how did she do?  An overflowing hanging basket full of pink impatiens.  A splendid choice I may add.  I realize that I am biased, but it really was an excellent choice.  Absolutely perfect for a North facing shade balcony.

My first thought was of complete gratitude and joy, for the lovely gift and her effort to choose this plant for me.  This is probably more or less the typical reaction of a person that gets a gift from their child.  Shortly after my initial excitement I began to really ponder why she chose this plant for me?  I hadn’t bought any other impatiens for the balcony yet.  Why this type, and why this wonderful color, that just happens to mesh nicely with my other container plants.   Did she have a discussing with the plant sale lady about what type of plants would thrive on our shady balcony?  This could all be a coincidence, or maybe this container gardening stuff is rubbing off on her.

My daughter has become an avid container gardening.  She helps me plant, design, choose plants and containers and take pictures.  She is enthusiastic about each and every container gardening task and seems to be soaking it all up.  Her sister at only 20 months and hands covered with backyardigans gardening gloves is not far behind her.  I am so thrilled to be fostering a love for gardening in my children.  Gardening is such a good platform for teaching addressing topics such as science, agriculture, self-sufficiency and responsibility, just to name a few.  Your lack of a yard needn’t stop you from enjoying gardening with your children.   The next time you start a container have you children get involved.  This is sure to be an enjoyable and rewarding activity.

Happy Container Gardening!


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